Getting an open source degree in computer science

Found a github repo that guides you through all the topics you would need to learn in order to earn a computer science degree. There are links to mostly free resources, covering intro through advanced programming concepts. Nearing the end of the program you can choose a specialization and create a final project.

With 18-22 hours per week put aside, you could finish in 2 years. Included are instructions for setting up a trello board to track your progress.

I can get 2 hours of study in the morning before work, about 30 minutes of lectures in my car, 30 minutes when I get home and 5 hours on Saturday when i’m off work. That puts me at 20 hours a week. My job has some elements that are programming related, so I might have opportunities to practice my skills there if I can make the time.

Just finished creating my public trello board. Not sure if I will start from the very beginning. I might focus on the projects and use the videos for reference. It has always been hard to know just how fluent I need to be when I write code. Maybe less googling? Without being around any professional “good” programmers, it is difficult knowing how to act when confronted with a problem.

I think these courses will help me figure all that out. All it takes is effort. Maybe next time i’ll write about the class projects and include some code examples of what i’m working on.

Thanks for reading and keep your head up.

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