CS50 Week 5

Week 5 takes a sharp turn, sending us straight into web development. It’s a welcome break from programming in C.

Fortunately for me I have had prior experience in full stack web development, after taking a few classes over at teamtreehouse.

I think that is probably why the open source degree program i’m taking suggests I should move onto the next course at this point.

Although I agree, I want the verified certificate once I’ve completed the course. Which I will add to my “badges” page (coming soon!).


If you are taking this course and made it to week 5, you probably understand how the internet works. If you don’t that’s ok too, and I would like to help you understand if there was something in the lecture or the video shorts that did not make sense. Feel free to leave a comment with your question and I’ll update this post with a detailed answer.

On ward to week 6!

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3 years ago

Thank you for posting your thoughts and understanding of the CS50 work. It has been quite helpful. I’m bummed that you didn’t continue with the posts.

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